Meet Judy Levine Ott

Hanging out with the sheep on my honeymoon in New Zealand

With over 25 years experience designing fabrics and heading design departments at major textile companies, combining colors uniquely, imaginatively and successfully has been the cornerstone of my career. And the inspiration for my company name, AboutColor.

My previous work was in printed fabrics. Fabric was solely a surface to be painted until I fell in love with weaving, felting and now dyeing. The magic of weaving is that it allows me to color fabrics from the inside. I can build exquisite and complex palettes, painting with the yarns and letting them play with each other in unexpected ways.

Using techniques such as mixing yarns with varying shrinkage to create three-dimensional cloth adds magic and surprise to both my felting and weaving work.

Commissions have always been a part of my work. From scarves to table runners to wall art, creating custom pieces that satisfy my clients’ needs is very important to me.

Prior to moving to Asheville, NC, AboutColor was strictly a woven trim business represented in Atlanta at the design center in the Travis showroom. Since redirecting my work to wearables, AboutColor is now a separate business, but you can still find the hand woven trims at

When I am not weaving, felting or dyeing, I am walking the path around Beaver Lake, dancing at the Woodfin Y and just enjoying my neighborhood.

My studio is open all year. Please contact me for an appointment. My work can now also be seen and purchased in Asheville at
Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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